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Tim Stone

Stone helped Dr. Spilmon launch the mobile dental unit. As a child, Tim Stone was a "high-risk kid" like the children he sought to serve. After catching Bryan's vision, Stone left a successful business to help start the mobile dental unit, not knowing if he could support his family.

Tim Stone

Stone described Dr. Spilmon as a generous person who gave away more than $1 million in dental care. Even when the state stopped paying for services rendered, Bryan continued to provide care.

Dr. Bryan Spilmon

Dr. Spilmon described what he would do if he received a court-ordered dental license and could practice again. It was surprising. He would return to work with those with the greatest need--without the government's help!

Have You Ever Seen A Dental Laser?

Today, most dentists do not use lasers. More than 15 years ago, Dr. Spilmon used two lasers in his mobile dental unit. This was part of his problem...the FBI investigator, federal prosecutor, and the Indiana State Dental Board did not understand laser dentistry. 





Brad Skiles

Skiles described his 35-year friendship with Dr. Spilmon. Based on that experience, Brad never believed the charges. Skiles introduced Bryan to his friend, Paul Refior.

Paul Refior

Attorney Paul Refior said when he sees the disgusting news about Mueller and the collusion between the FBI and DOJ, he is reminded of how he and Dr. Spilmon lived through this same abuse of power .