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Hillary's Healthcare Initiative

The Roots Of This Problem

In January of 1993, then-first-lady Hillary Clinton planted the seeds for a centrally-planned-government-run national healthcare system. She believed an expansion of government intervention into this private sector would make healthcare better. She was wrong. The political and economic philosophy behind this approach was a rejection of the foundation laid by our Founding Fathers.

The Administrative State

Overregulation Is A Disaster

Today, most medical professionals do not understand they can be guilty of felonies for obeying the law. The complexity of the regulatory environment is the true disaster of our healthcare system. The American public is about to discover as the demand for healthcare is increasing the supply of professionals is decreasing. To fix the system, we need to get back to our roots.

We need less government, not more.


FBI and DOJ Collusion

Before Russia! Russia! Russia!

Long before today's headlines, the FBI and DOJ functioned above the law. If desired, a Presidential Pardon for Dr. Spilmon could shine the light on unaccountable federal prosecutors who collude with investigators and even judges. Dr. Spilmon experienced fake news before it was called "fake news." Favoring a rogue prosecutor, the local and national media of 2004-2006 simply repeated what they were told, with no regard for investigative journalism.

State Sovereignty

The States Administer Medicaid

Unfortunately, Dr. Spilmon is not the only casualty of big government. There are hundreds of stories...perhaps thousands. This is an opportunity to bring this type of injustice to the forefront. It is a way to deal with similar issues plaguing the Trump Administration without having to reference current politics. Dr. Spilmon is an excellent communicator and could be useful in educating the public on these topics. If states are the administrative authority for Medicaid, they should have the final legal authority.  Our Constitution places "We The People" as the authority, then states, then the federal government as the servant of both. We are eating fruit from a tree not planted by our founders.


Mr. President,
Our Request

A Full Presidential Pardon and a

Court-Ordered Reinstatement of Dr. Spilmon's Indiana State Dental License.

Please correct this injustice. We would like our dentist back.

 Thank you for your consideration!


Friends of Bryan Spilmon, DDS

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