Requesting A Presidential Pardon

Dr. Bryan Spilmon, DDS, was confined to 1,510 days in prison for meticulously following Indiana State Medicaid Statutes. Before a federal prosecutor charged him with 52 counts of Medicaid Fraud, Dr. Spilmon had a clean state audit and asked the auditor, "Is there anything I'm not doing which I should be doing?" The answer was, "No." As the State of Indiana paid Dr. Spilmon's Medicaid billings, they affirmed he was following their procedures and properly billed for services rendered. Once the federal government filed their charges, the state went silent. Friends of Bryan Spilmon, DDS are now asking President Donald Trump to correct this injustice.  Although a Presidential Pardon would be a miracle and be gratefully received, for Dr. Spilmon to return to his calling he also needs a court-ordered reinstatement of his dental license. This is not without precedence. Friends of Bryan Spilmon want their dentist back! President Trump, thank you for considering our request.

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Attorney Paul Refior, ​Warsaw, Indiana

Dr. Bryan Spilmon was coerced into a plea agreement. Then he met attorney Paul Refior. Refior told Spilmon he would take the case if Bryan was willing to sue his previous attorney and the federal prosecutor. The next step was to withdraw the plea. That did not work...in a federal court which did not follow its rules.  The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Indiana refused a hearing for the motion to withdraw the plea. The 7th Circuit Appeals Court scolded the lower court for not following procedures and then upheld the court's decision. The more than 1,000 pages of defense evidence were never heard in court. This case is not just about a personal injustice, it is also about the federal government's violation of state sovereignty. 

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